Caring for a Parent

Is it safe for Mom to live on her own? What should you do about Dad's difficult behavior? How to manage incontinence, falling, or problems with other family members? Discuss these topics in this online support forum thread created for adult children caring for a parent. Get tips, advice, and support for your care giving questions or concerns. Connect with others who are dealing with same issues.

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  • I'm a widower taking care of my 92 year old mother.  I worry about my health, both mentally and physically.  I have no assistance with daily care of my mom. So I am unable to get out and be around people etc. My family has NO idea about the strain it puts on me, and I do my best not to show it.  And, no, there are no family members close enough and willing to assist me. Any suggestions for someone in my situation?

    • Bruce, welcome to our network. We are glad to have you here. I am sorry you are worried about your health while you are taking care of your 92 mom. I know what you are going through...How long have you been taking care of your mom?

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