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I have some experience in this subject I can share.
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I was a remote caregiver for my mom, who had Alzheimer's and was in a memory care facility. I purchased two Amazon Shows and called her every day. We played memory games and I kept her company. I visited every 4-6 weeks in person, but we were in touch daily. It provided us great amounts of satisfaction and enjoyment. I have years of experience as an advocate and caregiver and would like to share my knowledge with other caregivers.
I have kept in contact with my grandfather (Alzheimer's) and my uncle (Huntington's) on a bi-weekly basis to make sure that they are doing alright and to make sure that their primary caregivers are doing everything alright as well.
I have some experience in this subject I can share.
I support my aging mother from 500 miles a day. We have a daily touch point as several visits a year. If you need to develop a plan which includes how to check on your loved one from far away, I'd love to support you.
Caring for an elderly mother who lives 2500 miles away - coordinating her care with her assisted living facility and her doctors.
I'd be happy to chat and offer support where I can.
I would like to talk to someone about ways that I can best stay in touch and "feel closer" to my loved ones who I help care for but are now far away. I have an uncle with Huntington's disease and a grandfather with Alzheimer's