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Ever since I was born my father struggled with heart problems. His issues stemmed from a misdiagnosis and a few open heart surgeries later, he was living with a valve that was at risk of leaking. Fast forward to ten years post surgery, the valve began to leak and nothing could save him. I understand what it is like to care for someone who is weak and needs special attention at all times. I would love to offer any advice and care to anyone going through something similar.
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I had a heart attack when I was 48. I took aspirin and got clot busters at the emergency room while I was having the attack. I was stetted. I'm sure it saved my life. 20 years later, I take medicine for cholesterol, go to the gym 5 days a week, eat well, not overweight and get a lot of sleep. Having a heart attack was the start of living a healthy well balanced life.
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Cared for partner that had heart attack.
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I had a loved one who had several heart attacks during his life. The first was during our first year of marriage - I was 18. If you want some support, I'd be glad to offer it. I am not a cardiologist.
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I care for a loved one who's had a myocardial infraction.
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