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After reading "Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents" by Pulitzer-prize winner Isabel Wilkerson, I've become convinced that social justice is the correct lens to focus latent human potential around doing what's compassionate, effective, and necessary. It's also less expensive financially and emotionally compared to what society is currently doing (exhibit A: The War on Drugs). Let's do this...together.
As a grandmother of a mixed race boy there is such joy and happiness I witness with his upbringing that I’m happy to help anyone that might have questions.
Happy to say my daughter has a black partner and have given me a beautiful, loving , smart and aware mixed race grandson. Are there challenges to come, I’m sure but our whole family has love and caring in our hearts and to us that is the key. My son in law is a wonderful man and we have an amazing relationship. I’m happy to talk and share with you just how we got to here
AlFarmer, Coach
Social justice is doing more for society than one thinks should be done. We have been given freedom and half of us want to use that freedom on family and friends ONLY, however, we all exist in society and to be just in our participation in society we must show personal social justice. This is giving back to the people around you who have less, not just your family; that's personal justice and we have plenty of that to go around in a single-family; especially if that family is in the 1% that has all the money in the world. They can do more but don't, we find it hard to do more, but do! That's social justice.
Experiencedcaregiver, Coach
My experiences in reporting social injustices, family caregiving for people of color, and a passion for equal opportunities for all have provided me with a great deal of knowledge which I would be happy to share.