12 New Breakthroughs in Eye Care Technology

ICON Eyecare – Updated 2021

Author: ICON Affiliate

There are new eye care tools and techniques constantly being developed, from incredible imaging to nanotechnology and microsurgery, artificial retinas to robotic cataract surgery. It’s an amazing time to be an eye doctor at ICON Eyecare. One of our most important jobs as eye care specialists in Colorado is to review new diagnostic tools and treatments and determine when they are ready for our patients. Some amazing eye care possibilities that we’re watching and hope to see in the future:

  • Advanced imaging that lets your eye doctor take a detailed look inside your eyes, including cross-sections of the retina and optic nerve head.
  • Nanotechnology that brings diagnostic tools and healing inside the eye including measuring eye pressure, aiding recovery from glaucoma surgery, and treating retinal degeneration.
  • Robotic-assisted microsurgery where a skilled surgeon and precise surgical tools work together for amazing results.
  • Artificial retinas containing electrodes, replacing the natural sensors at the back of the eye which are affected by diabetes and macular degeneration.
  • Retinal gene therapy that’s already available for some Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs) which limit vision. A skilled diagnosis is essential for treatment.
  • Optic nerve regeneration, addressing damage from untreated glaucoma, injury, and inherited conditions.
  • Brain implants to provide basic vision to the blind, offering a way to bypass the eye and substitute technology. The powerful visual cortex, provided with sufficient input, can do an amazing job of interpreting even basic visual information.
  • Home glaucoma tests to reach those with limited access to medical care or mobility, reducing the need for trips to clinics and hospitals and improving patients’ ability to preserve their sight.
  • Smartphone retinal imaging, also bringing diagnostic tools to patients without a clinic trip. It allows imaging of the fundus at the back of the eye, so remote eye care providers can conduct a more thorough eye exam.
  • Wavefront aberrometry, currently available, providing a way to diagnose vision defects in patients without extensive verbal interaction. It’s an excellent solution for those who are nonverbal or experiencing dementia and provides clearer diagnoses for complex conditions.
  • AI-based screening for diabetic retinopathy, also in the process of being brought to practitioners. It’s one of the many artificial intelligence-based assistants for detection of conditions throughout the body like breast and lung cancer, that rely on a physician’s careful interpretation of complex imaging studies. Using large bodies of data, AI-based systems can identify patterns that could indicate concerns, providing help to the physician.And, FDA-approved and available today at ICON Eyecare:

And, FDA-approved and available today at ICON Eyecare:

  • PanOptix trifocal replacement lenses for cataract patients
  • Improved two-laser (bladeless) LASIK vision correction
  • Computer-assisted laser cataract eye surgery

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