Caregiving for my 99-year-old Grandmother Ruth

I would like to share with you a post by one of our members in our Caregiving Network Founders Group. It’s quite a touching and loving story:Hello Caregiving Network Community! I would like to share a story about my 99-year-old Grandmother, Ruth, and how we have worked as a family to provide her caregiving. When Ruth was in her late 80’s, our various close-knit family members spent a day with her at her home, 7 days a week. However, we realized that this method was not going to work forever, as it required many hours of advanced planning each week. Therefore, Ruth began considering the possibility of moving into a retirement facility, where she would have full-time care. This was a difficult decision for her to make, along with the entire family. Ruth has been living in her house for almost 60 years and told us that she loves the house so much, she could not bear to leave it unless she absolutely had to. After much consideration, we decided to seek out a live-in companion for Ruth, and that’s when we met Pam. Pam was able to keep Ruth company, help out around the house, and perform other necessary caregiving activities. Shortly after we met Pam, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. By then, Ruth and Pam had become very close friends and practically family. Fortunately, her symptoms are very mild, and she is still able to assist Ruth daily. However, we now have an additional healthcare companion to keep an eye on both of them.Our family is still involved continuously in their comfort and well-being. We send food from to them twice weekly to save them having to go to the supermarket, and it’s worked out very well. We have a tight-knit family and Pam is always in attendance at our family gatherings and has become an essential member of our family. I’m thrilled we were able to bring two people together who both needed to have someone around them at all times to live comfortably and happily. Now, they have precisely that assistance. They keep an eye out for each other and enjoy doing social things together as well! Ruth truly is an amazing woman. If I ever wonder in my personal life whether or not I should do something, I use the filter – “what would Ruth do?” – Without fail, I know what I need to do after that. Ruth is a wise and significant influence in my life. I am glad to have the unique opportunity to bring two beautiful people who were both in need of help and be able to assist each one compassionately. I hope that my story will be able to inspire you and provide some new ideas. Thank you all so much for allowing me to tell my story.

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