Lets Work Together

I’m going to visit my mom in Texas this Sunday. I’m a caregiver for my mom, who is in a memory care facility with Alzheimer’s. She’s 92, has macular degeneration, cannot stand or walk and hears poorly. But when I’m there in person once a month, we take delight together in going out for daily lunches and even splitting a small glass of wine.But this story is really about the proprietor of the memory care facility where she lives and her staff. When I first visited my mom there, I was meeting various staff members when an woman in a Santa costume walked up to me. I immediately hugged her. I found out she was the owner and was having a Christmas Party for hundreds of people. It was a grand affair and made so many people feel like celebrating. I was fascinated by her ability to bring so much life into an environment, and manage a staff of terrific individuals who do a heroic job every single day. When I returned home, I sent her a box of chocolates, which we consumed together over coffee on my next trip down. She even made a video of the chocolate and the ice that came with it. That began our friendship, with more candy and time together. I’ve learned so much from her how caregiving is different than healthcare. One of her most compelling comments to me was: “I’m here for my residents. Just bring love and the treats.”It’s up to all of us to unite and work together to be the most competent caregivers possible. Sharing love, support, inspiration, and hope will do that.

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