Providing Advice for Heart Disease Caregiver

HELPING OTHERS: Some caregivers are young and not only need support but have no idea what to expect or where to turn for help. A question from our community… could you help her?”When I was 19 and pregnant, my late husband had his first major heart attack. He was in the hospital for 90 days. Our medical bills were enormous. I was very ill prepared for this. There was really no one to talk to about how frightened I was. I went to the hospital every day. I put off college, got a job and made the best of it. He was unable to work for the next 5 years.If you met me today and this was my circumstance, what advice would you give me to have hope and make a plan for the success of my family?” Have you provided advice and/or knowledge to a caregiver of a heart diseased loved one?

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