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How to Balance Caregiving in Your Everyday Life

Every caregiving employee needs help in balancing those two conflicting responsibilities. – An AARP Study in June 2020 indicated that 61% of corporate employees are also caregivers. – A Harvard Business School study, “Managing the Future of Work,” published in January 2019 stated that 80% responded that caregiving duties prevented them from optimal performance, costing companies an estimated $33.6B last year in lost productivity.ExtendaTouch enables confidential opt-in pairing of caregivers facing similar issues. A recent Kaiser Permanente Peer Support Study showed participants who received peer support had increased trust in services and team collaboration.ExtendaTouch is offering a cost-free corporate program to assist your company in providing a confidential and secure resource for your caregiving employees.ExtendaTouch is free and confidential, so members can interact safely without fear of discovery or stigma attached to their highly sensitive issues.

Connect with Others about Caregiver Issues

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