Sage Advocacy & Services about LGBT Elders

From Sage Advocacy & Services about LGBT Elders:- LGBT elders become caregivers more often than their heterosexual counterparts.- Fifty-four percent of LGBT elder care recipients receive care from their partner; twenty-four percent receive care from a friend.- Twenty-one percent of older LGBT adults have provided care to friends, compared to only six percent of their heterosexual counterparts.LGBTQ individuals provided caregiving for each other during the AIDS Pandemic when there was not enough outside support available. That experience teaches us a lesson and should encourage us to share the knowledge that 53 million caregivers possess by coming together to support each other during the Covid-19 Pandemic and beyond. We honor and invite all LGBTQ+ individuals to join us and share your information and support, so no caregiver has to experience isolation or loneliness during a stressful and emotional time. Caregiving Network is entirely free, secure, and private.

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