Suicide prevention awareness month

The mental health effects of Covid-19 are creating additional risks that are affecting the suicide crisis.In these unprecedented times, emotional distress may leave many vulnerable to mental health problems. Mental health consequences are likely to be present for much longer than the COVID-19 pandemic because of economic stress, elevated levels of loneliness, and lower access to support.For people with preexisting depressive or anxiety disorders, around-the-clock news coverage, and an atmosphere of “national anxiety” can function as sources of additional stress.It is crucial for those struggling with mental health issues, as well as for those who support them to seek assistance immediately.These may include telemedicine services, maintaining physical distancing but remaining connected, and using telephone-based and written outreach to individuals at risk for suicide. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800-273-8255 (800-273-TALK)

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