Changing the conversation around mental health and suicide

We’re ending the week in a positive light of hope, love, support, and inspiration. Keep talking and stay safe. About REACHThroughout history, Americans have faced obstacles, barriers, and challenges that seemed insurmountable. But because of our ability to reach beyond what we thought possible, we have solved some of society’s greatest challenges together.As we face the tragedy of suicide in our nation, we must reach beyond what we have done before. We must change the way we think about, talk about, and address emotional pain and suffering. Suicide is preventable – but only if we empower ourselves and others with the knowledge, tools, and resources, we need to reach those who feel hopeless.REACH is about preventing suicide. It is for and about everyone because we all have risk and protective factors that we need to recognize and understand.When we REACH to those in need, we will provide hope.When we REACH because we are hurting, we will find help. When we REACH, we will prevent suicide.Please join us.More about reach here:

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