Honoring The Autism Society

We want to honor the Autism Society, an essential resource. From the parent of a newly diagnosed child who doesn’t know where to turn to the sibling of an adult on the spectrum who now finds himself in the primary caregiver position, the Autism Society can help.Providing information, resources, and support is at the core of their mission. Their national contact center provides a one-to-one response to the thousands of individuals each year who call, email, and write with their questions and concerns — or who need someone to listen. An important component of their contact center is their online database, Autism Source, which includes more than 32,000 autism services and nationwide support.The Autism Society has local affiliates, state affiliates, or both in almost every state. Their local affiliates serve various cities, towns, and counties throughout the United States.Visit their website and be sure to read “Stories from the Spectrum.” It will warm your heart.https://www.autism-society.org/about-the-autism-society/

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