The Hidden Struggles of Working and Family Caregivers

Human Resource Challenges: The Hidden Struggles of Working and Family CaregiversNo one knows how stressful caregiving is—no one talks about it because it’s so hard. Working caregivers are afraid to share their struggles with supervisors and managers. Caregivers quit their jobs to care for elderly parents and suffer from mental and physical exhaustion, isolation, and loneliness. COVID-19 has increased the complexity of caring for elderly parents.Each year during November, family caregivers are recognized for their contributions in caring for family members of all ages who are disabled and aging. The financial impact is significant for caregivers who juggle work and caregiving while placing their family and personal financial situations and health at risk.Caregivers in all life stages, from millennials to the planning to retire, experience extreme pressure trying to manage life and care responsibilities. Young caregivers trying to build a career or finish college may find their lives derailed for years caring for loved ones. This article by Pamela D. Wilson is excellent:

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