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ExtendaTouch and misterb&b partner to connect LGBTQ+ caregivers

ExtendaTouch Reaches One Million Members Through Partnership with misterb&b

ExtendaTouch and misterb&b press release

San Francisco, California, September 8, 2021— ExtendaTouch, an innovative digital platform for caregivers to connect with each other, today announced a partnership with misterb&b – the largest LGBTQ travel community, with more than one million LGBTQ-friendly hosts, travelers, and accommodations. Under the terms of the agreement, misterb&b will provide hosts and guests access to a free caregiver account at ExtendaTouch. The agreement will provide a critical service of bringing caregivers together to support one another, widely disseminate information, and provide access to local non-profits to help simplify and improve the caregiving process.

“While the world is suffering from the COVID pandemic there is a severe shortage of caregivers,” said Matthieu Jost, Founder of misterb&b. “ExtendaTouch has a proprietary platform that allows paid and non-paid caregivers to access services and support each other. Think of Next Door, exclusively for the underserved caregiver market. We want all of our hosts and members to have access to this much-needed service.”

ExtendaTouch solves the problem of inefficiencies in an ad-hoc support system in the marketplace for caregivers. The company specializes in matching the needs of caregivers with peer-to-peer support. Family and professional caregivers have enormous amounts of knowledge and experience. ExtendaTouch is the go-to organization for caregivers who are often unappreciated.

“There is no unified caregiver community that provides a broad sense of protection, support and belonging until now,” said Andy Cramer, Founder of ExtendaTouch. “It’s the reason why we created ExtendaTouch. Our mission is to help relieve the stress and isolation that comes with caregiving by creating a platform to help caregivers navigate the complexities associated with caring for others.”

ExtendaTouch is a caregiver support network that can be accessed via a digital platform, enabling fast, private, personal connections between caregivers. Contact is opt-in, and profiles are anonymous, allowing the caregivers to discuss sensitive topics, including self-care, without fear of stigma.

About ExtendaTouch

ExtendaTouch is a tech company that has developed a unique platform for relevantly matching caregivers. Their vision is to relieve overwhelmed family and paid caregivers worldwide and to produce better outcomes for those needing chronic or occasional care. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, ExtendaTouch is free and can be accessed at

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About misterb&b

misterb&b is the world’s largest short-term rental marketplace dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Today, misterb&b operates out of three offices on three continents, providing users with access to more than
1M properties in 200 countries. The service is open to everyone across the spectrum of gender & sexual preferences. In the media, misterb&b has been recognized by CNN as being integral to ‘The Gay Travel Revolution’ and has received coverage in Forbes, the New York Times, USA Today, and other major publications.

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