Helping Paws Foundation is holding a fundraiser

Helping Paws Foundation, a member of the San Diego Veterans Coalition, cares for your pet when needed. Our pets are family to us. Let’s repay the kindness!

Helping Paws Foundation is holding a fundraiser that includes a silent auction, a raffle to win two RT Airline Tickets, and many more opportunities to support this incredible non-profit. Click here to join the fundraiser.

The Helping Paws Foundation helps keep military families united with their pets. All too often, troops who are willing to pay the ultimate price can’t afford to pay unexpected veterinary bills.

They give back by providing low and no-cost veterinary care for service members and veterans in need. Without their non-profit, a lot of veterans would face the heartbreaking decision of premature relinquishment, or worse yet, economic euthanasia.

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