Join our selfie video test today

Good morning! We know you are busy take care of your ones, so we’re making it easy for you to enter our 20 second selfie contest. Just take a short selfie and share it by filling in the information below and upload your selfie video.

You are the backbone of our failing healthcare system and deserve to be honored. Let’s have fun with this contest!

Make it easy, if you don’t want to be seen, video someone or something else and speak or add memes.

Choose from these topics:

  1. Favorite caregiving moments
  2. The worst experience you ever had with caregiving
  3. The knowledge to share with another caregiver
  4. What you would have shared with your care recipient before they got ill
  5. Your favorite caregiving activity
  6. The favorite caregiving activity for may care recipient

The winner gets a $250 cash prize. Good luck and thanks for helping bring our caregiving community closer together!

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