Majority of Americans Have Struggled With Mental Health

This chart shows the results of a survey on mental health issues in the United States.

Statistica – August 2021

Author: Felix Richter

Having long been stigmatized as a sign of weakness, mental health problems have become much less of a taboo in recent years. The pandemic, with its unique set of challenges, accelerated that trend, as it not only caused a spike in symptoms of anxiety or depression, but also led to more people opening up about their problems. In a recent Statista survey, 3 in 10 American adults report that the COVID-19 situation has affected their mental health negatively, making an open discourse about mental health issues all the more important.

According to data from Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, the majority of U.S. adults have experienced mental health issues in the past 12 months, with anxiety and stress the most prevalent problems. Unsurprisingly given the circumstances, 28 percent of respondents report having felt loneliness or social isolation in the past year, while 30 percent state that they have gone through a depressive phase. Just 26 percent of respondents report not having experienced any of the issues listed above, underlining how common mental health issues really are.

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