What Resistance Teaches Us

It’s hard to believe that at 47 years old. I’m still learning so much about life and myself.

My latest lesson about resistance is a biggie as its one that has been present for as long as I can remember. We all know that feeling that we get in the pit of our stomach…..when we want to or need to do something and yet we simply cannot bring ourself to do it.

I had recently hit a resistance wall on something that I needed to do to, yet week and week, I would transfer this item to my to-do list.

After two months, I was getting so frustrated with myself for not doing it. I realized that I needed to dig deeper and try to figure out how one task could make me feel so horrible? 

What I discovered was that resistance is two energies competing against one another. The energy to evolve versus the energy to stay the same.

Well that certainly makes sense and explains why resistance isn’t a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I also realized that I needed to take back control as I didn’t like how I was feeling…it was a downward spiral where I started to beat myself up for resisting the task at hand. Can you relate?

I decided to flip the switch on it and change how I looked at resistance. I decided that when I felt resistance, I was going to look at it as a call to action for me.

I had to make a decision of whether I really wanted or needed to do that activity. If I wanted to get that activity completed, then I needed to rip the banded off and take action.

I was taking back control and telling myself that resistance was simply a call to action.

I’m proud to share that that one task is now completed! And now I laugh at how much anguish I felt for two long months. Thank you for another life lesson universe.

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