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We created the ExtendaTouch Facebook page to bring together the first early adopters to help us launch our private online ExtendaTouch website and web app. We will continue to build and communicate with you on Facebook. Additionally, our private site will provide an online home where no one will be tracked, so you can express yourself privately and openly.Helping members connect is our primary goal. Nothing is more powerful than relevant personal connections when you need help.While researching the caregiving crisis, we were astonished to learn about the size and severity of the caregiving crisis: – Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 11,000 a day. They are living longer, and 1-in-3 adults past 80 will develop Alzheimer’s or Dementia. – One-quarter of all Americans have a functional disability and need daily care. Most issues are in mobility and cognition. – Because 115 million Americans need some type of care, and only 45 million unpaid family caregivers account for 90% of all caregivers, we face a growing shortage.- 60% of working family caregivers are overwhelmed and conflicted between their jobs and their duties at home.To address these issues, ExtendaTouch is gathering family caregivers into a unified community. Family caregivers attend doctor visits, assist during health crises, and interact with their care-recipients daily. You have a better overall understanding of the issues and are an endless source of information and support.ExtendaTouch is assisting in making the best use of your knowledge and experiences. We are introducing a unique matching system to enable caregivers to connect promptly on highly relevant topics and commonly shared occurrences. The web app will allow caregivers to identify other members who have offered to help, ask for assistance, or just browse to understand more about the community and the members.The ExtendaTouch web app and the website are free and accessible on any Apple and Android mobile device. All requests to connect are optional to provide members a choice with whom and how they wish to communicate. Personal information is limited and stored in an encrypted HIPAA server to protect members’ identity and provide security. Usernames are anonymous, and passwords are entirely private to members.We have opened the ‘pre-registration’ phase early for our Facebook Founding Members. Founding Members will be the first users to visit and use the web app before public release.If you would like to become a Founding Member and have present or past experience as a family caregiver, friend or helper, please click this link: The link will start by asking you to fill out some personal information for confidentiality because Founding Members will see more detail ahead of the public. Please don’t be worried. None of this information will be shared or saved after the pre-registration is complete.The only information that will be displayed is your username (not your real name) and your caregiving history. Your email address will only be used to send you a confirmation email with a way to go back and update your caregiving history.If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Maxx McCarter. He is available to get on a call with you to help walk you through the onboarding and answer any questions. He is available at 949-285-6097 or You are welcome to reach him using Facebook messenger as well.We are incredibly grateful for your assistance in making ExtendaTouch possible. Thank you with gratitude,Andy Cramer and Al Farmer, ExtendaTouch Founders

Connect with Others about Caregiver Issues

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