The Ultimate Caregiver

My friend, Mary is the ultimate caregiver providing inspiration and love to all. She often goes about her tasks of caring for others in stealth mode. When you are with Mary, you feel the glow and passion she has for living and joy she has for caring for all who cross her path. Everyday Mary cares for her grandchildren and her 40 year old son with MS. Mary doesn’t stop there, she collects donated goods & art supplies for the teachers at the local elementary school and senior center. She’s supplied senior groups interested in tap dancing, watercolors, singing troupes, sewing and more. Until recently, Mary had sheds and her garage filled with things others might need waiting for their new home. Often holding fundraisers to pay for school supplies and student activities her donated items didn’t cover, she and her sister are amazing.Mary is always helping others, always has a smile and never lets you know that she has a care in the world. She has touched the lives of many including me.My friend, Mary has stage 4 colon cancer with a very short time left to live and yet she is still caring for others. Although she is weak and exhausted these days, she still takes time to reach out to others who may be in need, providing a cheerful word and inspiration. In these last weeks since my daughter’s death, Mary reaches out every few days to see how things are going. Mary will likely be the ultimate caregiver to her last breath. ??

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