Getting a Roommate in Your Golden Years

This co-caregiving is needed as more Americans have financial issues. It also creates a better quality of life with mutual support.Getting a Roommate in Your Golden Years“… Nesterly, an online portal that matches intergenerational roommates, will start offering services in New York this year after being introduced in Boston last fall. “We’d like to help create new units of affordable housing at a time when there’s a dire need for it,” said Noelle Marcus, a founder…”The concept of pairing older people with younger ones, particularly those who are not family members, is not a new one: It was popularized by Maggie Kuhn, an elder-rights activist who opened up her Philadelphia home to others for more than 20 years before she died in 1995. Today’s home-sharing, however, is as likely to be between those of the same age as it is to be intergenerational. The crucial thing is that it involves two or more people sharing an apartment or a house to their mutual benefit. And finances often play a big role.More from the NY Times:

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